Ali Banat: Man who says his cancer is a “gift from God” comes to Birmingham to raise money for his charity, MATW Project

on November 12, 2016

Ali Banat, a Muslim Palestinian-Australian who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer throughout his body one year ago, says his illness was a gift from God and has sold all of his valuables to open a charity.

Banat was diagnosed almost a year ago, and took part in an online interview. The video quickly went viral.

The video showed Banat talking about his cancer being a gift and shows how he has sold all his valuable items in order to help to widows and orphans in Togo through his charity MATW Projects.

20161022_200121Banat, who is a self-made millionaire, sold his Ferraris, watches and designer clothes in order to help those in need. He shocked the world by saying his cancer is a “gift” because unlike many he is expecting his death any day and therefore has time to turn his life around to help others.

Banat joined forces with Al Khair Foundation to set up a tour around the UK in order to raise money for the MATW Projects charity which aims to build a village equipped with schools, houses, mosques and hospitals for widows and orphans.

The charity events were broadcast live on IQRA channel, an Islamic broadcasting company where people were able to call and pledge amounts to the charity.

Banat aims to raise $600,000 on his Go Fund me page, he has so far raised well over $500,000. The Birmingham event raised almost £140,000 on the night.


When asked if Banat missed anything from his past life he said: “Surprisingly no. Even with the illness I’ve never been happier, all thanks to Allah. I’ve been able to help so many people.”

Many have been afted by Banta’s story, for his selfless and humble actions gaining him a large following. Click here to donate.

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