Executive: Birmingham needs to ‘keep calm and carry on’ after Trump victory

on November 11, 2016

businesseventPaul Faulkner, Chief Executive for Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, has advised local Birmingham businesses to “keep calm” and “get informed” off the back of the presidential election.

Having held a post US election breakfast conference at Birmingham Airport, the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce joined by the British American Business Council (BABC), were able to “gain an initial perspective” of how businesses felt the new presidency would affect business relations between USA and UK.

Businesses like BSA Technologies and Afia’s Samosa Shop that attended the conference showed integrity in the subject of international affairs relating to the US. Steve Brittain, the managing director for BSA mentioned concern for his trading relations with Mexico now that tensions between US and Mexico were at an all-time high. A similar feeling was held by Ms Afia Akram (BSc MSc MBA) who has a flourishing food business here in Birmingham and is now looking to expand internationally.

During Charles A. Gallagher’s speech he said;

“The American dream is a part of the problem.”

As a professor of sociology at La Salle University in the USA, he gave a convincing argument as to why Trump had been chosen and how this was going to affect ethnic minorities in all businesses across the US and UK.


Jonathon Strassberg

Jonathan Strassberg (shown above), Managing Director and Attorney at Law for True Course, closed the talks with a powerful speech:

 “Each party, increasingly polarised and uncompromising congress appeals more and more to its core.

“It becomes more and more beholden to money interests and is rarely held accountable, rather encouraged by a media that is more interested in ratings than in truth”

Watch the full speech here. Relive our live coverage in our collection of tweets below:



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