#CleanerBrum – How the council plans on bringing cleaner streets in Birmingham

on November 10, 2016

People from around Birmingham have banded together in an attempt to make the streets of Birmingham “clean again”.

 Starting 18 months ago, Birmingham City Council has worked closely with citizens and other partners around the city to develop a vision for how Birmingham deals with its waste.

Volunteers and citizens all around the city have begun to take the first step in the “big clean up.” Posted all over social media on the 9th November using the hashtag “#CleanerBrum”, all can see the terrific work many have done cleaning their local streets and areas freeing them up from rubbish, litter bags, bottles in an attempt to clean the streets and avoid fly-tipping for the future.


From Romsley Road to Selly Oak the “Community Clear Up Day” has seen a massive support from citizens all around Birmingham as well as the councillors in the areas as well. Gavin Clark from the Selly Oak area believes that, “This is the future for Birmingham. We all need to come together as one and help clean the streets.”


Councillor Lisa Trickett, the cabinet member for clean streets, recycling, and environment at Birmingham City Council, said:

“We need to move on from the current position where we throw away more rubbish than most towns and cities. We also want to look at how we can use things again, we want to explore how we can best recover energy from any waste that is then still created.”

To find out more and join the cause of making Birmingham clean again visit the Birmingham City Council website and have a look at the strategy plan or have a look at the brilliant work many are doing by following the hashtags “#CleanerBrum” posts to see live updates of the great work many are doing.

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