Tributes paid to former Birmingham councillor Reg Corns

on November 8, 2016

Tributes have been paid to a former Birmingham councillor.

Reg Corns

Reg Corns

Reg Corns, who had represented Duddeston and Northfield during his political career, died in September aged 71.

Cllr John Clancy, leader of Birmingham City Council, told a meeting of the local authority how his former colleague’s passion for supporting young people had come from his own time in a children’s home.

“Reg had a unique life and upbringing in this city,” he said. “It led to him being a highly effective advocate for vulnerable children throughout his political life.

“He will be remembered very specifically for campaigning to reunite families divided by the forced resettlement of 5,000 Birmingham Middlemore children who were shipped to Canada during the 1930s and 1940s to work on farms.

“He successfully battled – and it was a battle – for those families to gain access to official records. And in 2010 they were given a formal apology by the British government.”

In 2013 Mr Corns also published a book called The Famine and the Fear – a fictional story based on the accounts of the children he met during his work to reunite families.

Cllr John Lines said his efforts had been appreciated by those he represented.

The Conservative representative for Bartley Green added: “He had a passion for housing and in particular children’s services – much of this came from his own experience as a youngster.

“It was appreciated by all.”

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