Five years in, Shine ALOUD UK adapt their approach to sex and drug education

on November 5, 2016

Five years after launching, founder Rianna Raymond-Williams aims to take Shine ALOUD UK to the next level in informing and educating young people around the UK about the issues of sex and drug education.

Speaking about the purpose of the magazine, which was founded in 2011, Raymond-Williams said:

“There is an issue around this subject of sex and drug education, which needs to be addressed.”

Bringing her passion for journalism and her background as a sexual health assistant, Raymond-Williams and Shine ALOUD have began the long stride to big change in the UK, especially around topics of sexual harassment with statistics showing an alarmingly high number of incidents in the UK.

Shine ALOUD plan to continue their work and branch out to towns and cities such as Northampton, Birmingham, Chesterfield, Leicester and more across the UK, by going into schools and delivering sessions to help young children who may be suffering.

According to Raymond-Williams, there is a need to educate young people and give them the tools to recognise danger. She said:

“If they understand that this is a grooming line, young people can notice danger. If it was taught to more young people regularly to recognise the cycle, patterns and behaviour before they become victims of it, I’m confident we can find solutions and protect more young people.”

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