Billy Connolly introduces ‘Born on a rainy day’ art collection to Birmingham

on November 4, 2016

Comedian Billy Connolly is exhibiting his fine art collection in Birmingham’s Castle Fine Art Galleries this week.

Following his comedy tour around the UK, Mr. Connolly’s performance in the Barclaycard Arena coalesced successfully with his fine art exhibition in Birmingham. His artwork was even used in the backdrop during his comedic performance.

The Scottish comedian, presenter, actor and musician took a new creative path in 2012 in the form of fine art. The collection is called ‘Born on a rainy day’ and can be viewed in the Castle Fine Art Gallery on the ground floor of The Mailbox.

Mr. Connolly has said that his art work shows his creativity in its rawest form as he is not concerned with an audience or showmanship, stating that;

“Art, for me, bears no relation to comedy or music. My art is pure and unjudged, I am creating it for myself.”

The art can be linked to cave paintings that include a charming simplicity, yet extreme self awareness and humanity. The characters that you can see in his art work are faceless which makes them completely anonymous; seemingly lacking emotion but creating a strong emotional link with the audience.


Castle Galleries is a subsidiary of Washington Green, the UK’s biggest fine art publishing house and uses a specific process when signing artists to their galleries.

Mark Horton, gallery manager of Castle Galleries, said that the public who attended the opening were surprised by the quality of Mr. Connolly’s art work and came in clouded by his celebrity image. He said:

“We don’t judge the artists work on whether they have public recognition; the creative directors purely judge their work on its refinement, uniqueness, and ability to stand out.

Having Billy Connolly’s work exhibited in the gallery was a great privilege. His artwork has a very intriguing appeal and I think that the style allows us to get closer to his genius mind.”

The opening of Mr. Connolly’s exhibition this year had a big turn out, especially people coming from his performance at the Barclaycard Arena. The poster outside was said to attract a lot of passerby’s in and even a lot of Scottish fans who follow his work.


Danny Wigley, Fine Art Consultant, said:

“Mr. Connolly’s work is very instinctual and raw. When I met him at his 2012 gallery opening, he said that he uses art as a form of therapy and represents living raw.”

This is the first exhibition of a collection of celebrity artwork being shown and, on Saturday the 5th of November, Castle Galleries will be welcoming a collection from Bob Dylan’s ‘The Beaten Path’.

For more information on these exhibitions, you can go to Caste Galleries website.

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