Cult Japanese movie to get showings in Birmingham

on November 4, 2016

Birmingham film buffs will get the chance to experience a Japanese cult film in the coming weeks.

Your Name, an animated film that follows the story of Taki, a city boy with a busy life, and Mitsuha a country girl, each who believe their lives would be easier if they lived in the other’s position, thus a series of crazy events occur where they swap bodies and try to live each other’s lives.

The hit movie that has reached 9 weeks in the top spot of the Japanese box office is coming to Birmingham on the 24th of November.

The film will be shown at three cinemas across Birmingham those being the Odeon in Broadway plaza, the Electric Cinema and Cineworld on Broad Street.

Electric cinema have said: “Around half of the tickets have been sold,” but they are expected to sell extremely quickly over the next few days.

The film directed by Makoto Shinkai, who was named as one of Variety magazines, “10 animators to watch,” has grossed over $100 million and was set for a monumental tenth week at number 1, however it was just beaten out by the live action version of Death note.

Dillon Eng the vice President of the Birmingham City University anime and Manga society said: “I had it booked since it went live, so excited,” on the Facebook group he added, “It’s a great thing to see this, hopefully with the success of this movie we will see more Japanese imports in the future.”


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