Artist profile: Chad Ariss

on October 28, 2016

Music has long held the power to ensure no talent goes unnoticed, and another testament to this is Birmingham’s own Chad Ariss, a 21-year-old singer-songwriter and rapper who puts social issues at the heart of his own songwriting.

Currently, he studies music performance and recording at the University of West London, ‘Working with some amazing people and planning a bright future.’

Musician Chad Ariss performing live

Performing live last year.

‘My plans are to not just take part in the music industry, but to take over,’ he says, in an eerily confident tone.

‘I believe I have the passion and dedication to be the best singer or rapper alive, and personally already feel like I am the best – which I believe is essential to being successful.

If I felt second best, I wouldn’t have the drive to further my musical career or be competitive enough to become incredible.

‘I began at around seven years old to imitate my favorite singers and rappers, covering music like most artists do, and then it just progressed from that point. I realized later on it was what I wanted to do whilst in the last years of secondary school.

‘Since then, I put every day into practice and writing and learning new skills. Music is something I love to do, and I feel like if anyone finds something they love to do, being present and pursuing it will ensure opportunities will gravitate towards you.


While Chad has all the healthy ambition you’d expect of an up-and-coming talent, he’s still reassuringly practical.

‘It’s an ambition of mine to travel the world and buy my mother a mansion with an elevator in it, but personally I prefer to focus on reality and make my ambitions my plans by breaking them down into stages. I feel if they are stated as ambitions it makes them seem unrealistic.

‘Some of the highlights for me so far are making my loved ones proud, travelling across the UK to perform whilst having beautiful comments and feedback from audiences – such as having people I don’t know hug me and tell me they love me, and that I inspire them.

Chad has racked up winning performances at Birmingham’s own City of Colours festival, Global Radio’s rooftop stage in Leicester Square and the Music Potential Unleashed event at KOKO, Camden:

It hasn’t all been plain sailing, as Chad cites auditions gone wrong and being told he would “never amount to anything” and occasional confidence wobbles as blips in his musical career.

‘But if I am totally honest, musically, I haven’t had a low point for a long time. At least four to five years has been high for me, and I feel blessed and privileged to be in the position I am in.

Any negative energies deflect straight off me. If I continue to be humble and confident with my music, and show love to everyone, only good things can happen.’


You can follow Chad on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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