Events in Birmingham mark World Mental Health Day

on October 19, 2016

Events have taken place across Birmingham to mark World Mental Health Day.

This year’s theme was focused on an educational course called mental health first aid, which aims to help people identify and understand mental health.

Poppy Jaman, co-founder of Mental Health First Aid, said she hoped the event would bring awareness and encourage action on the issue from politicians.

“We are calling on the government to amend current legislation that requires employers to train staff in physical first aid so that it includes mental health first aid.”

Messages left on a mental health mural at Birmingham City University

Messages left on a mental health mural at Birmingham City University

One of the events took place at Birmingham City University’s City South Campus, where seminars, talks, graffiti exhibitions, music and art therapy took place.

A report in August revealed that one in four undergraduate students around the UK reported having a mental health problem.

Alexander Davis, President of the Mental Health Awareness Society at Birmingham City University, said: “More and more students are going into university with mental health issues and most are now dropping out of their studies because they don’t have a support mechanism.

“World Mental Health Day will be part of the university’s process to show new and returning students how to get help and help one another.

“The feedback from this event has been exceptional.

“There was also a wall mural created where around 250 students put messages to those who have mental health conditions. Most of them were motivational messages telling other students that things will get better.”

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