Celebration of black cinema coming to the mac in Birmingham

on October 19, 2016

A celebration of black cinema is coming to the mac in Birmingham.

The Cannon Hill Park venue will offer visitors the chance to view comedy, classics, music-inspired and issue-based screenings alongside events and debates until 30 December.

The showcase is part of the British Film Institute’s Black Star season.

Ian Sergeant, cinema producer at mac Birmingham, said: “We are proud to be delivering a season of films, discussions and wider events to inform and entertain our audiences as part of Black Star.

“Whilst it is a celebration of the enormous wealth of black acting talent, local to international, past and present, it is also an opportunity to address key issues of diversity and representation on screen, which is at the heart of the BFI’s strategy, which mac wholeheartedly supports and welcomes.”

The Black Star season will take place across the country and will be the largest celebration of its kind ever held in the UK.

Film-maker Idriss Assoumanou, 23, said: “It’s good exposure for black artists and minority artists of different backgrounds too.

“I think it’s a step forward and is a good way to inspire both new and old creators to do more and brings a strong platform for black artists to show their talent.”

A full list of events being held at the mac as part of the event is available online.

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