BE Tech tests visual story telling app Steller during Instagrammers of Birmingham meetup

on August 16, 2016

Steller is a brand new app that allows users to compile short video, photos and text pages into one product. The aim is to tell stories in a digital magazine style and provides users the ability to create professional looking stories. Once a user has combined their video, pictures and text, the final product can be shared on most social media platforms and can be embedded into websites.

At Birmingham Eastside Tech we aim to put new apps to the test. We attended the recent Instagrammers of Birmingham meetup with the aim of taking plenty of photos of the meet and the locations visited. We also wanted to take some video and combine this into a story so that we could fully test combing the two to create a new visual interactive story telling experience.

Below you can see the Steller story we created as a result. To view the story simple click on the picture below. You will then be able flick the pages left or right using a touch screen smart phone or tablet. If you are viewing it on a web browser simply click on the title page and then click the arrows to either side of the pictures/videos.

If you want to try Steller for yourself, you can download the app from both the iOS and Android app stores.

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