Twitter users react angrily at Selly Oak MP’s condescending tweet about poor people

on July 19, 2016

MP for Selly Oak Steve McCabe has been engaging in a conversation on Labour £25 voting fee with party supporters on Twitter and has made a remark that was seen by many as very condescending and dismissive of poor people who express interest in being Labour party supporters. He has also suggested that the party should only be interested in genuine supporters, not “Trot entryists who want to destroy the party”, despite NEC calling for Labour members, supporters and MPs to abstain from name calling.

Many people have shown indignation at his remarks but McCabe stood by them throughout the exchange.

In the end, McCabe seem to retract on his comments, saying that what he said wasn’t actually what he “said” ….

despite tweeting the same thing a few times:


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