13 of the best visual reactions to Brexit on social media

and on June 28, 2016

Brexit results have been met with different reactions on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Last Thursday, 52% of British people voted to leave the European Union and here is how some reacted through cartoons, pictures and memes:

With heartbreak



#reblog from @isthatjessiej that sums up perfectly how I feel about #brexit 😒 #strongerin

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With panic

With anger

With messages of unity and acceptance

inspired by my beautiful friend Aga I've wrote down these signs, the small ones (I'll make copies) are going to go around the village I live in and I will stick them up at bus stops - is it illegal to do it on lampposts? Anyway: YOU ARE ALL WELCOME. Not everyone who voted to leave did it for racist reasons, there were some good reasons to leave the EU. But every racist voted to leave because they were being sold lies about immigrants and NHS etc, and because they're massive racists who look for anything to harm non-British people or even British people of colours they have jumped on this chance and now think there is no limit. Well there is a limit - and it is ZERO tolerance. If you say anything racist, xenophobic and discriminating against others I will call you out and you will uncomfortable.

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…and everything in between

#roflmao #brexit #ukfail

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