VIDEO: Birmingham organisations rally against racism

Local organisations Birmingham Unite Against Fascism and Stand Up to Racism  have organised an anti-racism rally for tomorrow to oppose Pegida UK march on the same day. Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson named Pegida protests across Europe action against the “Islamification of our countries”

The anti-racism rally  has support from Birmingham National Union of Teachers, Birmingham UNISON and LGBT+ Against Islamophobia.

The organisers declare they want the event to be “a celebration of Birmingham as a diverse and multicultural city”.

Activists protest against racism

Salma Yaqoob, activist and anti-racism campaigner (photo), talks about why she opposes Pegida and other similar groups:

“Today, Pegida and other far-right groups are attempting to bring division to our city but we shall stand united. In contrast to the hate propaganda of Pegida, we shall be celebrating the richness and strength in our unity through music, food, and speeches.”

“Only a week after Holocaust Memorial Day, we must send a clear message that there is no place for fascism on our streets, and solidarity and good will between people of all backgrounds, races, orientations, genders, abilities and faiths is what makes Birmingham and Britain a better place.”

Adam Yosef, representing Stand Up to Racism, says that such organisations are key to the local community:

“We are the only ones who are actually doing something to show Birmingham is united against racism. The police and the council are saying they are united with the community, but are doing little to actively show this.”

Why anti-racism needs political action

Stand Up to Racism started in London and was then brought to Birmingham. It has organised number of local events to welcome refugees and humanitarian trips to Calais, together with charities working in the camp.

After participating in London events, locals Adam Yosef and Geoff Dexter brought Stand Up to Racism to Birmingham. Watch Adam talk about why political movement needs to support charity:

UPDATE: Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has expressed his support for the rally.

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