Tuesday Talk comes back to Birmingham Cathedral

Tuesday Talk sessions have returned to Birmingham Cathedral after an absence of over six months. Reverend Canon Nigel Hand leads the discussions every week, based on Evangelical texts. 

Running for almost 50 years, the weekly event stopped in May last year due to the restoration works done inside the Cathedral. The first talk after the long break took place last week.


Revd. Nigel Hand (photo) talks how they decided to have this event in lunch breaks, back in late 1960’s:

“They were started by Canon David MacInnes who wanted to connect with the business community at the heart of the city. This was in the days before short lunch breaks, if any at all, which seems to be the daily experience of many today. Because of the difference in culture, and the common experience of a lunch hour, it was common to have lunchtime meetings with several hundred people present. This was an idea he had seen first-hand in London at a city church he had previously worked.”

Tuesday Talk happens at lunch time, from 1:10 to 1:45 every week.

Currently, the meetings focus on chapters from John’s Gospel. Taking as a motto St. Philip’s words “come and see”. See the detailed schedule of this season’s events below.

An oasis for Christian reflection

Revd. Nigel Hand explains what the idea behind these weekly meetings is:

“In a non-threatening and welcoming atmosphere, we aim to explore a passage from the bible or look at a relevant subject from a Christian perspective. Birmingham Cathedral remains an oasis of calm at the heart of a busy and bustling city. Giving people the opportunity to take time out to reflect continues to be important to many in our frenetic world.”

Podcasts of the first talks this year, after the break, can be found on the event’s webpage.

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