Sam Coley: “There won’t be any other artist like David Bowie”

on January 11, 2016

Sam Coley in an interview for Scratch Radio

David Bowie passed away on Sunday 10 January a few days after celebrating his 69 birthday and after publishing Blackstar, a new album which is now seen as a clear message about his imminent death.

An icon of the pop music and an influencer for contemporary musicians, David Bowie gave the people of Birmingham 13 live performances.

In a Scratch Radio interview, author of “Let’s dance at 30” documentary on David Bowie’s life, Sam Coley described David Bowie not only as a singer, but also a “polymath” with hundreds of interests.

David Bowie’s legacy

Apart from films and music, Sam Coley said David Bowie would be remembered as a chameleon and an artist who was always ahead of the fashion of the times.

A fabulous voice

David Bowie’s fame was not only based on a controversial image. He was a fabulous singer with a perfect control over his voice, said Sam Coley.

Hundreds of thousand of people around the world have paid tribute to David Bowie. That young guy with different colored eyes that was seen as a lunatic is now for some a hero, who has made the “stars look very different”.

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