A nightmare on Staniforth Street: Birmingham’s dirtiest street?

on December 10, 2015

Residents of Staniforth Street are becoming concerned about the amount of litter on their street.

They have been asked by the council to help keep the city tidy:

“We have a finite resource and maintain the area as much as is reasonably practicable, but clearly there is also a duty of the members of the public to ensure they play a part in keeping our city clean and tidy.

“Staniforth Street is mechanically swept weekly, with a crew attending on a weekly basis to deal with any litter issues which require cleaning by hand. The litter bin in the street is emptied three times a week.”

Rubbish Staniforth Street

Birmingham City Council claims every street is usually cleaned either daily, weekly, fortnightly or four weekly depending on the usage of the road.They also aim to provide a bin within 5 working days where one is needed.

Staniforth Street is home to The Heights student accommodation, conveniently located close to Aston and Birmingham City University campuses. Some residents find students to be part of the problem.  Rhianwen Pullen, a local resident of Staniforth Street, said:

“The street is always a bit messy especially after a big student night out. I think drunk students are the cause as they don’t really care if they are making a mess. It bothers me because you shouldn’t have to look down at the pavement when you are walking to make sure you aren’t stepping in anything.

“It also attracts rats. I think there should be more bins on the street and they should be made more obvious. Bins could also be provided in the reception areas of student accommodation to help prevent littering.”

It is estimated that 2.25million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK every day. Clare Northall, communications and digital officer at Keep Britain Tidy, added:

“Litter can be harmful to the environment, and to our wildlife, and even to us. Litter can cause injuries to birds, wildlife and pets as well as children and adults alike if they cut themselves on glass, bottles or sharp objects.

“All local residents should be concerned at any amount of litter that is in the area that they live or work. Nobody wants to or should have to wade through litter on a daily basis. And disposing of rubbish is so easy. Put it in a bin or take it home to dispose of later.”

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