“Street prostitution and brothels are an ongoing problem on Hagley Road”, says Gisela Stuart MP

on November 20, 2015

Gisela Stuart, MP for Edgbaston has reacted after the shutting down of the Studio 189 ‘brothel’ on Hagley Road.

She told Birmingham Eastside:

“Street prostitution and the existence of brothels is an ongoing problem on and around Hagley Road. Now 189 has now been closed under Anti-Social Behaviour legislation for 3 months, I work with the police to focus on people trafficking and organised crime which is almost always part of the problem. But it’s also a question of protecting local residents.”

How things developed

Eight alleged sex workers were found in the Studio 189 on Hagley Road, Edgbaston and were “safeguarded”, police said.

One woman, 38, was arrested at the scene and later  released on bail.

The premises were shut down for the next three months due to a closure notice issued from magistrates’ court late last month, after reports of public concerns of suspicious behaviour in the surrounding area.

Hagley Road has been in the press prior to this, when ‘Cuddles’ was shut down in 2005; a brothel holding 19 sex workers and again in January this year.

‘Bubbles Club’ was shut down for offering rooms for time alone with them ‘hostesses’, a violation of their license.

The road boasts the popular Edgbaston Grange Day Nursery, which claims to be ‘home away from home’ but when contacted a worker who remained anonymous, at the Nursery, claimed that all they’d “heard of it was on the news”. They hadn’t been told about what was happening by the police, and there was nothing suspicious which would trigger public concerns.

As far as for what will happen next, Gisela said that in her experience “this needs consistent local policing and with the current cuts this is more and more difficult to achieve.”

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