Locals shine at Birmingham Comedy Festival

on October 8, 2015

Birmingham’s Comedy Festival saw several of the City’s top performers take the stage across two free venues last Sunday.

The weekends acts performed in two venues on John Bright Street, The Victoria and Cherry Reds; with the likes of The Lovely Men, Hannah Silvester and 2014 BBC New Comedy awards contestant Danny Clives all taking the stage.

The Lovely Men on stage at The Victoria Pub for the Birmingham Comedy Festival

Visitors also donated generously for stand-up comedy from Doctor Who and Coronation Street actor Gareth Berliner. Berliner, who turned to comedy after a stint in acting seemed surprised by the positive response, saying:

“That was impressive, I really enjoyed that.”

Gary Berliner performing for Birmingham Comedy Festival at The Victoria Pub

A live show from the “News with Jokes” podcast, led by James Cook also received a strong reception.

Dave Freak, the man behind the festival was also astounded by the audience turnout at the first free event of the comedy-fest, saying:

“The event today ran very smoothly, we had a good amount of people in and they seemed to really enjoy it.

“This was originally a concern, with the free half-dayer being considerably shorter than last year, I wasn’t sure if we would be able to make it a success.”

With both venues packed with watchers, the Birmingham Comedy scene seems more alive than ever.

Other notable acts performing across the City this year include: Weird Al Yankovic, Frankie Boyle, Lee Nelson, Chris Ramsey, Jason Byrne, Rob Beckett, Henning Wehn and Daniel Sloss.

Ticket prices vary from £10 upwards, with all performances to be held in early October.

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