Aspiring filmmaker to shoot zombie short in Jewellery Quarter

on September 17, 2015

The Jewellery Quarter’s new public space – the £1.6m ‘Golden Square’ – will play host to a horde of the undead for two days in October.

Carl Timms, director of local media company Made Media, will be fulfilling his dream of creating his first ever zombie film, Still – where a living statue funds himself caught in an undead nightmare. Carl said:

“It has always been my dream to make a zombie film, and I’m aiming to make the best zombie short of the year (and there are many!)”

20 years’ worth of experience in producing moving-image media will feed into the production. 

Locally-sourced zombies

Locally-sourced talent will be involved, including Birmingham Metropolitan College make-up students as well as Jamie Chapman, creator of the yearly ‘Zombie Walk’ event.

Also on board will be Stourbridge’s Stuart Conran, whose CV includes prosthetics and special effects work on British cult classic Shaun of the Dead, as well as The Woman in BlackEden Lake and Attack the Block.

Additional funding and zombie extras are still required, with donors permitted to take part as a background strolling cadaver.

Carl’s aim is for “Over 100” zombies to be present on set, and you can visit or @zomshortstill to express interest.

An Indiegogo campaign is also under way.

Over £500 had been raised in the first hour, with an eventual goal of £3,000.

Filming will take place over the 17th and 18th of October.

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