14 gripping facts about homophobic bullying in Britain’s secondary schools

on February 11, 2015

The leading UK LGBT charity, Stonewall published its annual ‘Teachers Report’ last month. The report polled over 1,800 schools in the United Kingdom and covers all aspects of homophobic bullying.

A key fact to remember is that homophobic bullying is classed as when, ‘Homophobic language and bullying are motivated by prejudices against lesbian, gay or bisexual people.’

We’ve gone through the report from start to finish and have gathered the 14 most captivating facts that you need to know about homophobic bullying in the UK’s secondary schools.

67% of teacher are aware of LGBT students at their school.




44% of teachers found themselves the target of homophobic bullying





Only 20% of staff believe that the governor boards has clear leadership in relation to homophobic bullying.



Only 42% of staff believe that the head teacher displays clear leadership in relation to homophobic bullying.



20% - The number of schools who engage with parents on LGBT issues. Only 555% of teachers are ware that their school has a anti-homophobic policy. 84% of LGBT Students feel distressed at the use of homophobic language. Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 18.55.04 86% of teachers have witnessed homophobic bullying in 2014. 89% of school staff here phases such as 'You're gay' being used in the classroom. 80% of teachers receive no specific training in relation to combating homophobic bullying. 35% of staff teachers heard homophobic language be used by fellow members of staff. 65% of staff have heard phrases such as dyke and fag be used in the classroom. 65% of teachers think that bullying impacts the victims quality of work.











































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