Birmingham’s team heading for promotion to Volleyball Premier League despite lack of funding

on March 30, 2014

Coach Fabrizio Marrama: “The promotion would be a great reward for us and for the city of Birmingham, but we need financial support  to afford the upcoming increased expenses.”


South Birmingham Volleyball Club Ladies Team

 With just over two weeks of the National Volleyball League 1st Division (NVL1) season remaining, South Birmingham Volleyball Club ladies team has good chances to enter the Super 8, the volleyball premier league in the UK. They are joint top of the league with Surrey Orcas and only the top two teams get the promotion.

SBVC claimed four victories in a row. However, the very last match is key, as they will challenge Loughborough, the third contender for the Super 8, who has got only a 3 points gap.

NVL Women 1st Division table

SBVC coach Fabrizio Marrama said:

“We have become a very good team, and we have been working hard to be on top of the league. This tournament has given plenty of unexpected results and this has made the season very exciting! We are on top of the table together with Surrey and Loughborough. It is tough!

“We keep working hard to make our dream of promotion to Super8 come true. We would be very proud to give once again the city of Birmingham the prestige that comes with a volleyball team among the best in the country.”

It will not be the first time for Birmingham to have a representative team in the elite of volleyball. In fact University of Birmingham had both men and ladies teams in the Super 8 in 2010/2011 season.

It’s quite a big deal for SBVC, though. In the last three years they managed to win all the competitions in the West Midlands and  reach the top of the NVL 1st division with nothing but self-funding.

To face the significant expenses of the Super 8 league, they will need a more substantial source of private financing, given that recently UK Sport, the distributor of Lottery and Exchequer money to elite athletes, decided to cut funding for team sports. 

“The promotion to the major league would be a great satisfaction even though we are aware of the costs increase due to more travelling, international transfer fees, and the expenses for additional training sessions, if we aim to compete against the London teams next year. We hope we can receive good financial support”, SBVC Chairman Greg Bukowski said.

“A sponsorship would not only support the club in its national level competitions, but would also give us the opportunity to work with our local communities. With increased financial viability we could promote volleyball in the area of Solihull and South Birmingham, organize trainings in schools, tournaments for students and give opportunities for the best young players to play in the leagues”.

SBVC Ladies team will play the penultimate game of the season at home next Sunday the 6th of April, 1 pm at Doug Ellis Sports Centre, Birmingham City University, 150 Wellhead Lane, B42 2SY

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