Students fuming as accommodation water supply vanishes for 18 hours

on March 19, 2014
curzon gateway

Curzon Gateway student accommodation

Residents at Unite’s Curzon Gateway halls, situated behind Millennium Point, were left seething last night when they discovered that their water supply had been completely shut off due to a problem with the pumps.

The residents – students at Birmingham universities – first noticed the problems around 5pm yesterday evening, and after a few hours of no improvement, they began to suspect a major issue.

The accommodation’s official Facebook page was flooded with angry comments and concerns- demanding for answers from Curzon’s reception and security team.

It wasn’t long before each resident received an email updating them on the situation and inviting them to collect 1-litre bottles of water from the common room.

A member of the security team was unable to say when the water would be expected to return, saying only: “We’re working on it.”

Rationed water

Hundreds of students swarmed into the common room in their dressing gowns, pyjamas and ‘onesies’; struggling to snatch as many bottles as they could carry.

The huge demand led to rations of only one bottle per person.

Sofi Greasley, from Block E of the accommodation, said that Curzon could not continue to charge their current rates after a series of blunders leading up to the water outage. She said:

“It is far too overpriced for the problems I’ve had.

“Don’t get me started on my broken kitchen door. Or the WiFi never working, or the lift!

“My flat looked like it needed repairs on the day I moved in.”

Back in their flats, students waited for further announcements from Curzon. When none came, some became worried how long the water outage would last.

“I can’t have a shower and I can’t wash up my plates,” said John Pierre from Block D. “So I can’t make any food.”

“This is a joke. Curzon’s main job is to provide for the students who live here and they can’t even do that.”

Shower problems

The following morning, students woke up to find the water supply had still not returned.

The inability to use showers led some to avoid attending classes. Other students set off to their local gyms and friend’s houses to use their showers.

At 11am Curzon confirmed in an email to residents that the problem with the pumps had been “sourced” and “repaired”.

No apology was issued.

The Head of Security at Curzon said they avoided disturbing the maintenance team with queries in order to get the job done quicker.

“We were unable to give students specific time frames when they asked how long the water would be off for as we had to leave the maintenance guys to get on with their job.

We aren’t expecting this to happen again but if it does we have not one but two sets of spare parts so we can sort it out quickly.”

There have been no reports of students demanding refunds on rent.


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