Birmingham City Council is looking for green homes owners to ‘lead by example’

on March 19, 2014
Green Open Homes

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The next May Birmingham citizens will have the possibility to learn how to make their homes greener by hearing from who already did.

Social enterprise Catalyst CIC will stage Birmingham Green Open Homes, a two-day event which aims to help people see how their fellow citizens keep their homes warm and reduce their energy costs through the installation of energy efficiency measures.

The Green Open Homes network aims to support low-carbon open homes events across the country through free resources and advice.

Catalyst, which will partnering with City Council’s Energy Savers team, local businesses, Birmingham City Council and other stakeholders,  is currently looking for local people who are willing to show their low carbon homes as well as volunteers to help run the event.

During the Open Green Homes events, volunteers who have made low-carbon improvements to their homes can share their experiences with others. In this way they can demonstrate in practice the benefits of low-carbon renovations such as solar panels, solid wall insulation and draught-proofing.

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson comments:

“We do expect that visitors to the Green Open Homes events will be enthused and motivated to take action on energy efficiency once they are able to see the home energy improvements from the visits and it may lead to more demand of services offered by the Birmingham Energy Savers“.

Birmingham Energy Savers is a service born from a partnership between Birmingham City Council and Carillion Energy Services, and conducts homes energy assessments in order to identify key improvements that may reduce residents’ energy bills and make city’s homes more energy efficient.

There will be case studies of each open home, including types of measure installed, products or systems details, name of contractors, installers, suppliers and website details as well as disruption level (1 – Low; 2 – Medium; 3 – High).

Birmingham Green Open Homes will take place on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 May 2014 and it is needed 15 volunteers and 12 home openers.

According to a Green Open Homes report:

“Assurance is gained from the home-owners themselves, who have experienced the challenges of researching appropriate materials, finding suitable contractors and going through often disruptive major refurbishment works in their own homes. Stories are mostly positive but the value of these events is that home-owners stories are real”.

This initiative is part of a Government scheme to get the nation to share their local energy saving tips and knowledge.

The improvements showcased will be loft insulation, cavity and solid wall insulation, underfloor insulation, draught-proofing, solar panels,  double-glazing, low energy appliances including practical and affordable features to reduce energy bills.

In the city there are already a few number of low carbon impact houses.

Check the map below to know where they are. They include the Birmingham Zero Carbon House, designed by Associate Architects.


If you have made some energy saving improvements to your home and would be willing to open it up to others and share your tips contact Catalyst, to participate in  Birmingham Green OpenHomes.

Or to learn how to improve your home and save some money from your bill read  these advices.

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